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Find all notes matching a tag -- EN 10.62.2 running on Win10 Pro

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This is something I do all the time, and just noticed yesterday, it is not working as expected.  I even restarted EN and my computer.  I select tags on the left panel, enter a partail tag name and it shows the tag I want with 18 in brackets meaning there are 18 notes tagged with that tag.  I then select that tag, and the UI shows me only one note --  WTF?    and that note is the one I created yesterday.   I do the same thing on my android device and it says "17 Results".   Better, but still not 18 and NOT consistent.   

What is going on here?

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Have you tried using the Filter for that tag?

Yes, that actually happens automatically -- when I select tags, search the tag I want, then select it, it autmatically creates a view with that filter enabled.   Here is an example.  I have a tag as below, so find it in the tags function.  As below it shows 10 notes for that tag.



Now after I select the tag, i see this.. just one note.



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Hmmn.  Just tried selecting my tags from the left panel,  but out of several tries,  whatever number was in brackets by the tag name was how many notes I got.  No discrepancies.  The fix may be a clean reinstall -

  • Go to sign out and tick "remove my data"
  • Use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove Evernote and any related system files
  • Power your device off and on again to clear any temporary caches
  • Re-download and reinstall the latest Evernote app

Depending on the size of your account and your connection speed, this can take a little time - allow an hour or so for everything to catch up.

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