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Price Gouge warning function



How about a feature that notifies users that the company they've entrusted their data to is increasing their yearly fee by 40+%? 

The feature could

  1. list the useful features that have been removed from the software (tabs to view more than one notebook at once, as well as reducing the color palette from 48 -> 10)
  2. tell you what the people who sold the company are doing with their windfall upon selling out
  3. profile the price-gouging practices of the new owners in their other ventures

Honestly though.  When you're going to raise prices this much while degrading functionality, you really owe users a heads up. 

I can promise you we will not be having this conversation a year from now.

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Users were notified 4 weeks before their subscription became due. If not, and you hold a direct subscription, contact EN support.

Users who hold their subscription through one of the stores should have been notified through that vendor. I can report that from the AppStore (Apple, iTunes) this worked perfectly: I received an email as a heads up of the upcoming renewal, with the correct new price 4 weeks before the renewal became due.

Anybody can take action using the 4 weeks lead. Who doesn‘t get everything solved can decide to subscribe for another month, instead of yearly, to get things sorted out.

Nobody will be ruined, and nobody should be too surprised that after years of stable prices, a raise is in the making. I think the affected scandalizing tells more about the user than the company.

Every subscription should be checked out every year. One side is the value that may or may not still be there. Another is the competition - there may be better offers on the market by improvements of existing apps, or by new entries into the market. Who only wakes up when a price is raised is likely wasting more money, than a single price increase could ever take.

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