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ChatGTP 4 Plugin Evernote

Anonyme For Liberty


I can see two obvious use cases but you may have better ideas than me 

  • output : you can save the current chatgpt conversation or whatever you say into an new evernote note just by asking it "save the current conversation/paragraph above in evernote"
  • input : get an evernote note content to be used as context for the current conversation

It would be awesome!


Have a nice day,

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Strange no one seems to support this, but the idea is great and in use by a lot of the competition. So, please evernote provide us a possibility to easily store the conversation it part of it we generate in ChatGPT

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Currently for the output, it's pretty easy to just use the web clipper on the public Chat GPT conversation link? And for the input, just a copy and paste from the current note?

Seems to me like Evernote is like already 95% of the way there.

Bending Spoons is going down the AI path with the AI cleanup and AI search, so maybe we'll see further AI integrations down the road.

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