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(Archived) The main competition for evernote comes from.....

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I used to use a great notes organiser program for the Mac called Eaglefiler. Then along came Leopard with a much improved spotlight and I realised I didn't really need another program - it all worked OK if I just used finder.

I've just had the (partly) same realisation with evernote. I've started using a syncing program called sugarsync which syncs all my data between pc and mac and the web with a mobile phone interface etc. I'm sure there are other programs which will do this. Searching in spotlight and (the surprisingly efficient) Vista does the rest. At the moment evernote has the advantage of tags which are interoperable between mac and pc and inking in the pc. But I suspect if I stop using evernote it won't be because there is some new fancier program about - I'll just be using my files directly in Finder rather than via another program.

You still have the edge though - and will maintain it if you keep improving tagging etc. Thanks for the update.

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