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Please add an "Export all notebooks" option to the desktop app Notebooks page.



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There are already a number of ways to get a backup (or 'goodbye Evernote') copy of your existing account - and I believe a few enterprising individuals have already provided 'import from Evernote' option in their own note apps.

My interest here is to get a regular backup of all my notes,  just on the basis that it's MY work,  or MY choices,  hosted on someone else's system.  I want to be able to access a full copy of it locally just in case the worst happens.  (Maybe Evernote's AI goes all SkyNet!)

Now Evernote already provide the feature that if I install Evernote on a new device,  the server will automatically download a local 'working copy' of my notes and notebooks so I can work offline.  One long continuous download for all my data.  It takes some hours or maybe days for the account to be fully available,  but it already happens.  This is not a 'human friendly' download though - it's Evernote's working copy of my account.

What I'm suggesting is that in exactly the same way Evernote could offer an 'Export Notebooks to ENEX Files' option where I can choose one or more notebooks and request a continuous download.  The icing on the cake would be if Evernote would offer to do that regularly - weekly / monthly / every xx days.  Such a download could (presumably) be pre-zipped for quicker transit,  and maybe sent to a cloud store if I have one.

It's just good IT practice to have backups of everything that you do,  and while Evernote's server copy and multiple Note History snapshots make a backup almost completely redundant,  I would feel just that little bit happier if this feature were available.

Now there are already third-party options available that do exactly this,  and I'm sorry Backupery that this is totally disloyal to you - but I get the impression that an Evernote backup is not your current priority,  and it is,  for me!

Please hit the vote button (top left) if you agree with me!

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Yes, I fully agree with your request to enable the current version of Evernote to be backed up and the backup stored wherever you choose.

This is the reason why I still keep the old Windows 'Evernote Legacy' version going,  mainly to back up all of my Notebooks. The old Windows Legacy version still allows me to export them as ENEX format or HTML web pages. I back them up using both formats but have to set a reminder to manually do the backups. I have been in business and know how important backups are, especially when things go wrong.    

I have noticed that in the past, Evernote sometimes took ages (hours/overnight) to sync correctly between my Macbook and Windows PC, but when I fired up the old PC  Windows Legacy version it would always synchronize straight away with the Macbook.

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47 minutes ago, eric99 said:

And to make a consistent and complete backup of it, please add the note id and notebook to the ENEX file.

There's a big 'plus' in this whole idea for Evernote too - if it's easy and simple to create a backup of your entire note structure,  there can be no more "lost content" or "lost note" Support calls.  Anyone who has passing access to a desktop can use their own backups to resolve issues.   But then when would you back up. as part of each sync?  At the end of each day?  At an optional time selected by the user?

I don't see (as suggested elsewhere) that this means the return of 'local notebooks' - what I'm wanting is a simple backup file I can save somewhere in case the Zombie Apocalypse happens.  It's something you tuck away and then (maybe) junk after a period of months.

I do see a downside too - every 'download' is a duplication of bandwidth usage.  What additional costs that involves I don't know.  Stepping firmly into tech waters that I do not understand... maybe a sync,  then local save?

I do suspect that if this were ever possible,  it would not be backwards-compatible.  Evernote maybe would have to finally end the Legacy lifeline to provide the access.

I will be happy if this starts out simple:  just a backup copy of the system 'periodic' backup of my account.  That still leaves leeway for data loss that doesn't make it to the account in the first place,  but it's a step forward...


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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

I do suspect that if this were ever possible,  it would not be backwards-compatible.  Evernote maybe would have to finally end the Legacy lifeline to provide the access.

I think it will be backwards compatible since it's ENEX XML format. New XML tags for tasks or other new stuff will be ignored by the legacy enex readers. I already tested that by adding a note-id and notebook name. Legacy importers still work fine, they just ignore these two new attributes...

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I fully support this proposal! Software as popular as Evernote should DEFINITELY support automatic data backup!

Personally, I trust Evernote data that allows me to work flexibly, quickly and efficiently and therefore this should be one of the most important functions!

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