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Post it Note integration



Hi there,


I know this may be low on priorities, but id like to see more post it not integration. There used to be more support for capuring post it notes. Id like to be able just to seach of post itnotes in evernote.

Id also like for evernote to be able to capture multiple post it notes, say for example capturing a whiteboard of post it notes. 



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Capturing: The camera will detect a single PostIt, and normally treat it as such. If not you can manually select the format.

A group of PostIts has no specific properties any more - it is a group of tiles, like a mosaic or an abstract painting.

If you want to group some PostIts as they were on a board, you could add a table with narrow columns to the note. Drag & Drop the pictures of the PostIts into the table cells to arrange them.

For searchability you can create and add a tag to the notes holding PostIts.

Maybe not what you have on mind, but this works out of the box.

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Thanks! ill try that.


Like i said , probs a super niche request, and im sure BS/evernote are focusing on more pressing stuff, which im all for!

Post it note the company does have its own app interestingly, where you can grab a whole board and it captures the individual notes, and does a basic ocr on each note.

You can export to trello, but not evernote yet.

Im a visual thinker so i like post it notes for the visual spacial aspect of it.


Thanks for your suggestions!

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