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I am using the iPhone app many times a day, and there are some bugs which I have reported via a ticket. They have all been marked as solved but are still issues on my iPhone. The version I have is:10.53.2, currently the most recent.

Tasks - Filter - Located in

Not working - presents a blank list, so tasks within a stack or notebook cannot be zoomed in on. The support/ticketing system has marked this as solved three times (after each time I reported it.)

Note - Move note - hierarchical list

The Open/Close stack mechanism does not work. All notebooks are listed below the list of stacks, so there is in fact no functional benefit in seeing the stack names. This used to work. Work around is to scroll down or search on Notebook name

Tags filtering

Slow - better than it used to be, but there can still be a wait of a couple of minutes for notes to show up the list of tagged notes, after they have been tagged. So suboptimal for flagging before a meeting. Work around (sort of) - add them to shortcuts list temporarily

Some issues have been solved - the display of the tags hierarchy in the main menu is now usable - and other issues appear less often. I was able to use Evernote while off the grid for two weeks recently - a very important facility for me.

Finally - a suggestion. In the tasks "kingdom" there are no tags. In fact I have found I am hardly ever using tasks, partly because of this (and also because of the first bug above on iPhone). My suggestion it to drop the option: Tasks - Filter - Located in (which is not working anyway on iPhone) and let the tasks list operate from whatever Notes are currently displayed, just as the main search box inherits the current filter. This would build on the current functionality - allowing tasks to be drawn not only from a stack or notebook, but also from a tagged list or saved search.

Looking forward to V10.53.3...

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Thanks for reporting - we are other users and benefit from such actions by fellow users.

About tickets on „Solved“: Support closes a ticket when it is established they can’t do more. Then the ticket is „solved“, even when the problem is still „open“.

The work on such issues is not controlled by the ticket system, it is done by the backlog project management.

You can reopen a closed ticket any time: Go to the help center, log in, go to the tickets page, select the ticket and pick an action.

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