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Hi there,


Ive returned to evernote after a long hiatus. 

I was diganosed with adhd a few years back, forgot all about it and now im confronting it head on.

Ive decided to use evernote as my main tool, i love it, its a great product for being my "second brain". Can capture stuff fire some tags at it and find it later (finding stuff doesnt always happen with adhd!)

I was a tad disappointed to come back to an evernote that had "lost the room", it was no longer the cool kid in class. Now , im glad that bending spoons have taken over, and im feeling positive that they are gonna make evernote what it should be. What im missing online is the positivity and excitement around evernote online. Back in the heyday, we had experts telling us how to maximise its use, loads of guides online about how to go paperless etc, the forums were active etc.

Now i know the work is on making the product stable, and fixing bugs etc, but can Evernote start being more active online somehow - bit of a vague request i know! 

In the words of oddball from kelly's hero's - "enough with the negative waves man!"

Come on bending spoons! Im rooting for you! Make the product great again, and let people know its great again!

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