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Can't exit EN, it keeps *relaunching itself* to tell me every 30 seconds I'm "almost of storage space", getting intolerable

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This "Almost out of storage space" issue is getting hugely problematic, now interferes with my ability to use non-EN apps. Seems like dismally poor engineering with no thought as to how it's trashing the UX, even when not using EN. 

Summary: the pop up "Almost out of storage space" warning is erroneous; it gives nonsensical advice; and it pops up every 15-30 seconds or so, *even after I've exited EN*. This last is a huge problem which is effectively denying me the ability to use my PC in a normal way.  Seems like a rogue app out of control. 

After 10 years with this app (Premium member for the last several of them) it's turned from something indsipensible to something I think I will be forced to get rid of -- which would be a very big problem for me given the amount of stuff in there which I need to refer to.

I am using Evernote 10.60.4, which the under "About" is described as the newest version available. When I turn on my Win 10 PC, all is fine until I first launch EN. Then I get the message shown in the screengrab, which from reading other threads here is familiar to many people. 

Here's what's wrong with things as they now stand on my machine. In ascending order of frustration..

-I've plenty of room left (40GB) 

-I could try ticking the "ignore further warnings" option, but who knows, maybe one day they might be appropriate, if I in fact I ever do run into a free space problem. So instead I try to follow the advice, "Please delete some files to make room or choose a new location for your Evernote data in the application settings." 

-As for deleting files to make room: I'm certain that over the years I have saved some things which are large (e.g images, pdfs  etc) which I no longer need. How can I find them?  Ignoring EN for a minute -- when my hard drive is close to full, the fastest way to fix that is to search for "*.*" in the Windows Explorer search bar, then sort files by size, from largest to smallest. I can  then judge which of the big ones I want to delete.  Can I do the same with EN? Not that I can see. I see no options to sort notes by size, or even see the size of unsorted notes. Meaning I can only just  try my luck by going through 1000s of files,  deleting things and hoping they free up space. Not a real world option.

- Clicking "Open setting to change" takes me my settings, but there is *nothing about changing the location at all* . I've looked 10 times. Others have noted this too, I see.  I don't even see anything about  where they are being saved do begin with. Sending people on goose chase looking for a non-existent setting is a serious no-no. Technical ineptitude /total disregard for the user. What on earth were they thinking when they wrote that?  I'm happy to be proven wrong, if someone says the setting is indeed there, please show a screengrab of it and explain how you got there, because it's nowhere obvious to be found here. Please don't say "Google it" --  I should not have to, but I have, and found no solution.

--Here's what makes it truly intolerable. When I boot my PC, all is fine until I launch EN. I  then get the warning. I click ok. The warning comes back in about 15 seconds. I click ok. It comes back in about 15 seconds. And so on, until I *reboot* the PC. Yes, reboot. Exiting EN doesn't stop it; EN *relaunches itself* and  the message keeps re-appearing *even when EN isn't running*. And it jumps in front of whatever  app I'm using, demanding to be dismissed. It has happened many times just as I write this. Imagine trying to get any work done, Imagine trying to do a presentation over Zoom. Imagine doing a job interview online. Please don't tell me this is "not a bug, it's a feature". If it's intentional, it is buggy as heck. Major failure here. 

It means that If I wish to use Evernote, I have to do so in dedicated sessions where I boot my PC just to use EN, then shut down when I'm through, then reboot to do non-EN tasks. After a few minutes of this, how many people trying EN for the first time would pay to use it, or use it all? 

Not only is it not fit for purpose, it is sabotaging my PC. How did it ever get this bad?

evernote bug.JPG

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1 hour ago, lingyai said:

-I've plenty of room left (40GB) 

40 GB!  My SD cards hold more than that!!  Unless that was a mistype, you genuinely have a problem that needs urgent attention.

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