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How do I disable auto-login?

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If I quit out of Evernote on Mac, and then re-launch it, it doesn't ask me for a password. How can I disable-the auto-login, so that I'm prompted for a password whenever I launch Evernote?

I don't want somebody who gets on my computer to be able to see confidential information.

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This is how the world works.  Sign out means you need to sign in again to get access.  You don't then need to quit anything.  Quit closes the app but you are still signed in.  Or you could simply lock your computer...

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39 minutes ago, Jesse Barnum said:

This isn't how the world works: Most applications and web sites have a checkbox to remember your password or not. I just want the ability to not remember my password.

Either Quit, in which case you know how it works. Or sign out as had been described. We have no other options available. I use a password manager to remember the password.

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If the computer is under management, and you don’t trust the people in admin suite, you shouldn’t use EN at all on this machine. An admin can install everything, up to keyloggers to collect passwords and screen grabbers to see what’s going on. This may often be illegal, but not necessarily so. It depends on your country and the local legislation, plus company rules.

In such a case even a VPN won’t protect your privacy. Only 2FA may offer some protection.

In case this is not your concern, I don’t understand your issue. If you trust your admins, you can simply quit the app, and have no concern. If you want an „in between“ solution, use the web client in a private window.

Personally I don’t expect EN to take concern about the personal paranoia of individual users. If you are concerned about personal data on corporate devices, don’t access your account at all on these devices. There is no protection (except 2FA) against an admin toolbox.

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And following up on what Pink said, I'm not a lawyer, but if you're in the US, my understanding is that in most places it's totally legal for the employer to monitor everything you do when you use their equipment.  Even if you were to bring your own laptop to the office, your "confidential" information won't be confidential if you use the company's broadband.  Meanwhile, as others have said, to disable auto login, just sign out.




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If you have a private device and are allowed (!) to use the corporate WiFi, use a private VPN service to encrypt every traffic. In this regard an employer network should be treated as hostile an environment as the WiFi down at Starbucks.

Often it is not only the use of the employers internet infrastructure for private means. It often means as well that you are not working during your air time - in effect stealing paid hours from your employer. This alone is usually enough to put your employment at risk.

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