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My Evernote account was deleted and I lost all of my files

Ted Evernote


I had to create a new Evernote account just to post on this forum. 

I use Evernote on my iPhone and Mac (both in the apps). I recently went to reference some information (I store a lot of important personal and work info), and saw I was logged out.

  • I went to log back in, and was directed to a reset password page.
  • I reset my password which sent a reset password email to my registered email.


  • Once I click the reset password link, I am redirected to a page that says my account has been deleted.


  • There is no reason why, no path to troubleshoot, and it seems as though Evernote has no live customer support (phone, chat or otherwise).
  • I was never notified by email that my account was deleted. 

The kicker: I am still being billed for Evernote. 


Needless to say this has been very frustrating. I just want to get back all of my notes and files that I built up over years.

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How can I resolve this issue? Does anyone have advice for how I can contact support? 

I was (still am) a paying/subscribed customer at ~$130/year. Crazy that there is no path to support.

My last resort will be cutting my losses in terms of deleted files and challenging all past Evernote charges with my card provider. 

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The message says that the account is inactive, not deleted, though I don’t know what is implied by inactive.  To reach support on your iPhone: Settings -> Support -> Submit a support request.  Hopefully they can get you sorted out.

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On 8/25/2023 at 4:20 PM, Samir El Idrissi said:

I have a very similar issue. Waiting for response (selidris@nd.edu)

Welcome to the forums. If you can give some more details, we (your fellow users, not Evernote staff) may be able to advise. Meanwhile, I would strongly recommend editing your post and deleting your email address. These are public forums, and bad actors could visit here and steal this information.

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