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What is the meaning of this Evernote??

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If I understand correctly, the user icon up top only appears if you have logged into your account from atleast two devices (say from your PC and Phone), then it will show up with your pfp and the cursor location with your name.
The catch is, I saw it when I was ONLY using my phone. Yes, the app wasn't even open on my PC as in not even in the background.
These are the only two devices I use and have NOT shared my account with anyone.
The cursor position was not where I was typing (above it, on the heading of that note) and it moved to another location before the user icon disappeared.
This got me sh*t scared.

To confirm my doubt, I launched the app on my desktop and tried to place my cursor and observe on mobile.The same thing happened.

- This was not a joke anymore.

The number of devices my free plan can be linked to is already saturated so it CANNOT be a malicious actor who is remotely viewing my account via possibly leaked credentials (although that is unlikely since I never logged into it in a public PC, use a randomized strong password and store it in Bitwarden).

I was really concerned but since it was a one off, I thought that maybe it was a weird bug.
Still, just to mess around under the assumption that someone at Evernote had access, I wrote down my thoughts at the moment in that very note.

"I know you're looking at it! Who are you? Evernote Employee?"
There was no activity so I started getting real aggressive.
I wrote down derogatory comments and tried to provoke REAL HARD (in the off chance someone was snooping in).

It sent chills down my spine. The cursor and icon appeared again. They navigated to different parts of the text and jumped around. It stayed there for a good while so I took a few screenshots.
I know that it won't conclusively work as proof but that was all I could do at this point.
The second confirmation especially after me writing all this made me panic bad.
Afterwards, the colour ring around the icon changed and I've took a screenshot, in which two users with my pfp can be seen simultaneously! How?! Keep in mind, that I had closed the desktop app by now. 
This happened for a couple of mins more after which I immediately took a backup of all my notebooks.
I don't know if deleting them from Evernote will do any good at this point.
I have attached all the screenshots with the note content and my name redacted for privacy reasons.
Such an occurrence has never happened with me before.

I am really furious and anxious.
I did NOT expect something like this to happen. No one would've.

I highly doubt this is a bug because of the cursor moment, timing of events and appearance of two users afterwards.








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Hi.  Did you check to see if any other devices were connected to your account?  https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action

Chances are what you saw was a server misbehaving - which happened for an hour earlier today,  or possibly your system having some sort of glitch,  which does happen to the best regulated operating systems.  There's nothing to be concerned about,  but feel free to raise it with Evernote Support.

These Forums are mainly user 2 user but subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and all users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps - feedback options are available too feedback@evernote.com. 


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6 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

See this other thread, where another user reports pretty much the same thing -- and @Federico Simionato chimes in to say that he's had it happen to him! I don't blame you for being freaked out -- I would find it creepy too. Whatever it is, they need to make it stop.


Ah I see, that's a relief then. Still, it is a bad misslip.
I wrote it during midnight and upon re-reading my post, perhaps it may sound way too freaky but at the time I got very concerned and immediately started thinking of the implications.

Nonetheless, the app is sluggish and despite such a storied history in the note-taking space, they struggle to NOT break things and make it work just fine with all the resources they have. This is inexcusable in my opinion especially in the context of the recent price hike and lack of regional pricing.

I found an excellent alternative today and will most likely migrate to it gradually.

Thanks for linking to the clarification by the way, I can sit at ease now.

Edit : Just saw @Federico Simionato's response and the team didn't even bother to fix it because it is "just" bad UX lmao.
They aren't even embarrassed about it. That's such a lame response.

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