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Duplicated Payment

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I have decided to subscribe to Personal Annual Evernote as I received a 40% discount offer to the annual price. 

As soon as I received the receipt , I realized that I was changed twice and wrongly as per the summary below:

Personal Annual 17/08/2023 to 16/08/2024 EUR 99,99
Personal Discount 17/08/2023 to 16/08/2024 -EUR 40,00
Personal Annual 17/08/2023 to 16/08/2024 EUR 99,99

Total: EUR 159,98

When I contact support center, I have no response or feedback to get the refund, is this happening to someone else as well?


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Hi. Well,  I received the offer before closing the window, and the discount actually came out in the receipt. The real problem was that they changed twice and never replayed back my requests (2x now). Thank you!! 

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