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Word/Character Count



I would like real time character/word count as an option. The program used to show this at the bottom of the window as info was added to the note. Can we at least have the option to bring this back? I am writing an online story and I am limited to a specific character count per post so I am trying to keep my story to a certain length. I realize I can just go into the note info but this would be much more convenient as I cannot leave the info window open when I type.

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There are other threads about it - go search and vote them up, if you like.

You should in general ask support.

Meanwhile my solution is a small menu bar helper software (Mac) that has a build in count. I highlight any text, in any application and get a word & character count. Can even be on a website or similar. So personally I have no use for a counter that just works in a single app.

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