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Things Evernote does well! Let’s chat positive for a change

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Hey figured it would be nice to actually chat about some of the things we appreciate about this app. Not doing an exhaustive list just listing something that in this moment I’m valuing - 

text formatting - my goodness most notes apps can’t do this well at all. By this I mean, I copy text from an email into Evernote - formatting holds, links stay links, numbers are recognised, as is email - ie all the information is recognised and actionable. Try this in other apps - nope, it’s  a mess - links are lost etc. 

and the same works the other way, draft an email - even with tables etc, copy text paste into email - bingo it’s all there in the correct font with formatting and tables etc correctly displayed. It seems a small thing but so many apps handle this really poorly. As I save emails and then add tasks, I often write emails to send out, this consistency is essential and EN simply wrecks the rest when it comes to this.  

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47 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Here's something about a positive experience of mine that I posted a couple weeks ago:


Yeah, I read that. It’s amazing what the app can do when used well and it sure seems you both got the benefits of good use. I’m trying to get into the discipline of scanning and sorting things, with two kids with autism and one who also has learning disabilities we have a LOT of paperwork and appointments we need to keep on top of. A data repository where I can save everything and action what’s needed will really benefit me if I get into the discipline.  

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