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Large number of notes went to Trash

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Hello, I just discovered that a large number of notes went to Trash when I never intended them to go to Trash.  I can't recall fat fingering anything.  I just couldn't find notes that I knew existed, only to find them in Trash.  Now I have to manually restore.  It seems that Evernote is getting slower and quirkier the longer I use it and I've been using it for years.  Please share if you know what may have happened. Many thanks in advance.

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Just now, DelraySFL said:

Please share if you know what may have happened.

Hi.  No clue.  What's your device / OS / Evernote version?  Haven't been aware of random trashing of notes up to now - but restoring notes from trash is pretty easy;  did you have any special issues there?  Please contact Support with details and copy activity logs so we all can be sure this won't recur...

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