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Suddenly encrypted note will not open with correct password - does nothing or says wrong password

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I am so angry I could spit! I finally ditched the Legacy version thinking that encryption had finally been figured out, but I've had nothing but struggles (revert changes error), and now the main note I use daily will not even open. 

Worked fine this morning. This afternoon I went to update something, typed the password - nothing happens. Tried restoring older versions, nothing. Can't unencrypt on the site. Downloaded the legacy version - even it won't do it. Says "incorrect password," which is not true. It's the same password for everything and other notes work fine. It's just this note - the one I need. I reverted to 10.58.8 - same problem, though that note worked fine on that version. 

Anyone have any ideas? I don't understand how the encryption worked so well on Legacy - editing an encrypted note is impossible in the new versions. Constant errors. And now somehow it's changed my password so I can't access months worth of notes, not even on previous versions that worked. 

If anyone has any advice outside of what I've tried, I'd really appreciate it! I just want the info in this note, then I'll revert to Legacy again until they can fix encryption. 



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