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(Archived) Can I keep my data if I decide to close my account?



Dear all,

I was about to get a premium membership when I thought about this :

What if I decide to close my account in -let's say- 2 years time. Will I lose all the notes I gathered on evernote? Would I be allowed to save them on my Mac or export them to another software?

I've been keeping my notes and sources on my mac for a while now, and I have to admit that Evernote would make my life easier in many ways. But before I commit, I just want to make sure that I can step back whenever I want.

Many thanks for your help


ps. Sorry if that matter is known to everyone, I just discovered Evernote and couldn't find any similar topic.

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If you close your Premium account -and then switch to a free plan- you still have all your notes: you just switch back to the free limitations of transfert to EN and recognition/indexing restrictions.

On the other hand, you can export your notes to the .enex format and re-import them whenever you like in local-only notebooks.... even using EN client as standalone, i.e. with sync disabled.

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