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Note duplication in the new web version?

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Is there no note duplication in the new web version? Or I can't find it :)

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this. Also, there are no other options like find in note, save as template etc.



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I don't know the version number, it's not written anywhere. I'm using the web version, and I'm using the new web version, I shared the screenshot above.


@PinkElephant @gazumped

Editing my previous message as I have reached the maximum number of posts per day, sorry for that.

I understand that you haven't received the new version yet, so you don't see the same interface as I do.

If you want, check the place below.
Settings / Account Summary


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The version in the picture is the new version, but it is the Evernote Web version.

Not the app version, but the Evernote Web version.

There is no version number for the Evernote Web version, a screenshot below


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  • Evernote Expert

The screen shot you provided on 17 August is definitely the classic version of the web interface.  If you had the latest version you would be able to display the version number with the release notes and you would have the Home icon at the top of the sidebar which would be in black as per this screen shot from my account... So select Go to new version on the screen you shared from settings and see how that works for you.



As for your original question... Note duplication is, as has said by others, via the three dot menu...


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