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Shift Enter seems to be gone/broke

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Greetings, for some reason my client (latest version, restarted) doesn't accept the standard Shift+Enter to create a new line anymore, this function exists in all other Windows apps, and used to work, but not doesn't seem to, but I can't find anyone else talking about it. I checked that its on the latest version, restarted the machine and application, etc. Appreciate any thoughts anyone has, thanks!

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Hmm. I find that Shift+Enter works to create a new line at the end of a line with text in it, but not after a blank line, that is, after an existing new line. More interestingly, in bulleted and numbered lists it creates un-bulleted and un-numbered lines (any number of them, apparently), and plain Enter after these lines resumes the bulleting/numbering in sequence. Didn't know that!

@Donovon, what are you trying to do with Shift+Enter? If it's not working in lists, and you've already tried quitting the program entirely (File > Quit) and restarting the computer, you could go all the way and uninstall Evernote (people recommend Revo Uninstaller to do a thorough job) and reinstall it. Beyond that, you may need to contact support.

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Thanks Dave, I guess maybe its just habit, I've always done shift+enter to add additional lines, even when blank (although its main purpose is to do a next line without item formatting, like in Word) I do see you can do next lines after text, I just swear it used to do what other apps (notepad, Word) do, which is continuing to add additional lines even after no more text. 

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