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Scary Continuing Attempts by Foreign Users to Access My Account

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I'm suddenly getting daily foreign attempts to access my account.  I have changed my passwords dutifully ever time I'm notified, and added 2 step verification.  Is anyone else having this problem?  I'm concerned and about ready to close my account if this keeps occurring.  Any insights?

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Hi.  If you have 2FA and a unique secure password,  you needn't be troubled by attempts to log in to your account.  It may be that your details have been posted online through a leak from another website,  and bad actors are trying your user details around the market to try to find other assets they can access.

There are several ways to protect your account - check for breaches here:

https://sec.hpi.de/ilc/?lang=en or 

https://haveibeenpwned.com/ or 

https://cybernews.com/personal-data-leak-check/ and 



See also https://evernote.com/privacy/policy 


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You can check on the above posted sites if your user name (email) is circulating in the darknet. In such a case a good password plus 2FA will protect your account. There is no need to always change the password again, if it is unique and strong.

However this will not stop attempts to get at your account. It is like a door: Lock and bolt will prevent that anybody can enter - but they can still bang against it.

It will not stop other activities using this email address in other services.

In such a case the only cure would be a new email address, and switching over all connected services. It might be a good move then to use a unique mail address for each relevant service. 

Apple offers this to iCloud+ subscribers for free. Other services offer similar solutions, but most for a price.

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