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Penultimate Notes in Evernote

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Why can't I add text in the note once my Penultimate Written note is in Evernote.  I have to add tags to the note to be able to search for it.  I would like to be able to create a note in Penultimate, have the written Penultimate note in Evernote, but then have the ability to type in additional text ontop of the written note.  It seems the note is completely locked so all I can do is add tags.  Thank you.

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Hi.  The 'old' Evernote bought Penultimate but then didn't really integrate it into their processes.  There are other handwriting apps around,  and this conversation has come up before... 


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The note is locked, because there is a „living“ sister / master of it still in Penultimate. If you want to change it there, it will sync with that note, and not create a new one.

If you want to unlock it, duplicate the note and start editing the copy.

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