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Data in Table is Jumbled and Columns Moved

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I just opened a note that contains a table, and all the data in the table is jumbled and out of order.

Each of my columns are dated at the top, so it was easy to see that columns were moved around and one looks like the data was split into two columns.

I email the data bi-weekly, so I checked my sent emails, and that showed that the cell contents in the table have also been moved.

It is an unusable mess & I have no idea which, if any, columns are correct! Does anyone know how to fix this? Recreating two years' worth of data would be incredibly time-consuming and utterly ridiculous.

Correct Data.jpg

Current & Incorrect Data.jpg

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The first post contains contradictions, and was never answered. But „the same“ happened to you ….

If you want help, start with some useful information, like platform and EN version, plus your own description. A screenshot might be helpful.

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