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What has happened to Evernote?  I have been using the app since 2014 and will probably switch to Office if things don't improve (I have a paid version). The app is incredibly slow on my PC and has been for several weeks. This morning it took five attempts to find all the notes under one of my tags. And I had only 4 to find. Yesterday I cleaned out 300 notes (out of 2,200) think that wasn't the problem, but a user below said they have used it for 13,000 notes in the past. So that wasn't' the problem.

I don't care about the fancy new interface or new functionality I don't need. I pay for a simple, fast, effective tool.  Users either like it as is or not.  According to the forums more and more may believe its not.

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23 minutes ago, CherylB said:

The app is incredibly slow on my PC

Can you tell me more about specifically what's slow in your experience? I use it everyday on my laptop and it is pretty fast, especially since v10.60.

Are you talking about note creation, note loading, app launch, uploading attachments, moving notes, creating notebooks...?

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I am currently using 10.60.4. I don't know what version it was when I first posted.

After sending this I found another post that said things could be getting mixed up across platforms now that you don't download files to our machine (which I don't care for. I like specifying which files I want kept on my device.). I logged into, out of, and back into all of my devices. This seemed to help quite a bit. But over the last few days it has been slowing down again. Today I couldn't get files for a given tag to download at all until I backed out of my notes and the app and started over.

It could have been that I had a note open that was tagged with the tag in question - but no way to know.  This never happened before V10.

So to answer the question, the problem is I will select a notebook or a tag and the needed files will not download in a timely manner. The app opens fine. It's primarily with searching for what I want where the problem occurs. It makes me worry things have been lost.



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Just now I had another problem with folders.

In the current interface you can't see what folder you have open, but in the file below I had Laptop Setup (1) open.  In the list of tags I have not included Laptop set up, yet it pulled it up this file. After I saved the screen shot Evernote went to the correctly tagged file.  It's little things like this that keep appearing since V 10 that make using it irritating.

The file that it pulled up was one that I was using earlier today.

Thanks for your help Cheryl.

Laptop Setup Problem.jpg

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