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How do I Import my Icloud notes to Evernote.

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Hi.  Can you export your notes into text, PDF, RTF or HTML files?  Try a few notes first in different formats so you can find what works best for your content.  Export some notes,  and save to a folder in your local desktop storage;  open Evernote and add that folder as an "Import Folder" which will automatically add each file as a seperate note with the file name as title. (You may want to rename some files before import.)  Beware that if you're not yet a subscriber you have some system limits on note size and monthly uploads.

Once you're sure that things are working as well as you wish,  process all your notes - or as many as you can within the limits.

-Having said all of which,  you can also copy/ paste or drag and drop files into Evernote if you only have a few.

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