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Evernote Sketch missing in note - created on iPad -

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I created a sketch inside of a note using my iPad, which I don't use frequently.  It is up to date on apps and IOS version I believe.


The sketch is visible when I look at a LIST of notes, but I cannot find the sketch on PC, iPad nor on my iPhone.  I tried duplicating the note, but the duplicate note doesn't show the thumbnail of the sketch at all. 

I've been a paid user for many years - but it seems that this platform, scarily, is not stable.  Has anyone seen this bug?  Is there a fix ? Is there even an acknowledgement of a problem? 


How to I ensure I don't lose the data in this note? 


Meanwhile - looking for another sketching solution until this gets worked out.... :( But I desperately need the note I created yesterday in a meeting! 

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6 hours ago, Chris 351 said:

I created a sketch inside of a note using my iPad, which I don't use frequently.  It is up to date on apps and IOS version I believe.


I rarely use Sketch as well, but I have just created one as a test, and it is working correctly and syncing. (Windows 11) I hope you can find your note.

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I also have so much trouble with sketches, when doing them on my iPad (which I use daily and which is up to scratch with all updates).

So what happens is: I make a sketch and save it. All looks good when I open it again, but when I continue to work on the sketch in 50% of the cases the updates to the sketch are lost when I open the sketch again at a later point, even though I absolutely did hit save (probably several times). Sometimes the thumbnail shows me the actual updated version but when I open it the updates are gone. Sometimes even the thumbnail doesn't show the updates. Last time it happend and my updates weren't saved, the version that Evernote had in the note was a copy I had saved directly on my iPad five days before and the work of five days was just gone. I tried to get it back -following the instructions I found online- but nope, all gone. 

I tried to recreate the error, but I haven't found a systematic to it yet. It's just chance which updates to a sketch are saved and which not.

It's majorly frustrating and I decided to stop doing any sketches or take any handwritten notes in Evernote. It's too risky and too frustrating.

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Same thing happen to me. Why is this an issue? I am a new user and that is already a buzz killer for me. I'm trying to recover my notes and I see the thumbnail but not my notes. I already tried going to the history to recover it and it's not there. When is the fix going to be applied.

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