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Real performance problems on the web client?

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Is anyone else having this issue on the Evernote web client?

- Adding a new note responds in 30-60-90 seconds

- Adding a Tag takes 10 seconds

- Updating a note takes 10-30 seconds to reflect

- Deleting note ( sending to trash ) - 30 seconds

- This is both with and without a VPN

- Browser Chrome on Linux. Brave not logging in at all for the last year or so. Separate issue.

Is there any known issue because the web client is almost unusable?




- Disabling version 10 did not help

- Switching to second last version ( not  Classic version and not latest version ) is helping. 

- Please do forward this concern to the developers so that upgrading is not made compulsory from this ( Second Last ) version till all such issues are resolved with the latest version.

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4 hours ago, idcrisis said:

Please do forward this concern to the developers

Mainly users here in the Forums,  so the way to get attention is to contact Support,  though my web client works fine (I know - totally unhelpful) and all I can think is that you have systems or network issues that are slowing things down.  Your systems logs may be helpful to Support in tracking any issues,  but if you're just going to turtle down and wait for a resolution you may be waiting a long time...

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Yeah no such issues on the "Second Last version".

But the latest version ( with and without version 10 enabled ) and the Classic version are completely unusable.

Both using a VPN and without a VPN.

Basically it should read:

"Evernote Web is all new! Try it now.
Go back to classic version  |  Go to new version"
That means that the "Second last version" is in use. 
Very delicately poised. If they force a premature upgrade or the like.
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