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Any difference between forwarding a Gmail

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Is there a difference between forwarding a Gmail directly to Evernote, as opposed to using the Gmail add in?  The add in seems to take considerably longer to load but gives you some additional options which I never use anyway.  Sometimes I notice that the gmail arrives in Evernote in a different way depending on which of the two methods I use.  I may be mistaken about this.



image.png.8832543651e2a5acf1757f192121df8c.png  image.png.e52be565be5bf3d768632eabef0a9c72.png


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Personally I don't use Gmail, so from my understanding of what I learned elsewhere:

Forwarding an email works through a mail server. AFAIK there is one server attached to approximately 10 user accounts.

Forwarding through the add in is working through the EN API, similar to the web clipper.

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The add-on is more like a clipper. Designed to work directly with the Gmail web interface and reproducing layout etc.

The forward to Email is simply attaching an Email into your notebook.

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