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Evernote recognizes the wrong keyboard keys sometimes, or not at all...

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I am using a Dutch keyboard and the English language on a Windows 11 system (freshly installed)

When I try to set Evernote shortcut key combinations, Evernote either recognized the symbol key wrong or does not seem to recognize the Ctrl-Alt key combination.

For example, the shortcut for Keyboard Short Cuts becomes Ctrl-[ when I enter Ctrl-/   (but the ´/´ works as expected when typing in a note)

And (because the standard shortcut for going to Home - Alt+Ctrl-1 - did not work) when I enter Alt+Ctrl-1 to set the keyboard shortcut, all I get is the value ´1´ to show.

I have tested my keyboard using a keyboard tracker and using the Ctrl-Alt-1 through 6 keys on Windows Explorer (these change the view) all with no problem

So it seems Evernote is doing something strange between my keyboard and some of its functionality. 

Still, I would be willing to try out anything to fix it.  I will, shortly, send a request to support so they can add it to their long list of things to help with...

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  • Evernote Expert

I suggest you temporarily switch your keyboard to English. Try the shortcuts and see if they are now working.

If they work with the English keyboard but not Dutch then that confirms it is a conflict with the Dutch keyboard.

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