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(Archived) Deleting notebooks created by Awesome Notes

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I was playing around with some ways to create to do lists in Evernote, so I tried synching between Awesome Notes and Evernote. I didn't like it, and bought EgretList (which I really like so far) but now I can't delete the notebooks created by Awesome Notes. They look like [anote] and then the title. I've tried using shortcut keys, dragging them to the trash on the dock and the trash in the program. I've tried renaming them to take out the unique title, but nothing is working.

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I also had the problem and found that Control+click on the Notebook brings up a list of choices for managing Notebooks. Of note is the Mac 2.0 User Guide states that is Command+click which did not work for me. Thanks...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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