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Missing alert emails from the Forums

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Being a profoundly lazy person,  I don't want to have to go to any effort to find new posts in the Forums that I may be able to "help" with - so I set up a series of alerts to send me an email when anything new is posted.  Normally that generates anywhere between10 and 100+ emails a day which get shunted to a mail inbox so I can pick individual cases when I get the time.  As of midnight on 9 August that just...stopped.  Although I can see more posts on here,  I'm not getting notified.  I raised a ticket (sorry Support!) #3731466 to find out what's going on.

In order of paranoia - 

  1. recent changes in the email system zapped this function somehow
  2. I broke something
  3. A secret clique of disenchanted Evernote users decided to silence me and hacked the system!

Until this Question of the Ages is resolved,  it's going to be a bit quiet around here as far as posts from me are concerned.  Enjoy the peace & quiet while you can - to quote the great Schwarzenegger:  "I'll be back..."

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2 hours ago, Federico Simionato said:

This is odd, we didn't touch anything on the forum side 🤔

Hmmn.  Weird.  I had tumbleweed blowing through my Forums email folder for a few hours,  then things got back on track.  I closed my ticket and things are back to normal.  Internet Gremlins no doubt.... 

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