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Notice of upcoming deletion of data on your deactivated Evernote business account

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We received this email and are confused. I think it's crazy I can't email "Support@evernote.com", it bounces. We never deleted or deactivated anything, can someone explain?

"You are receiving this email because you have a deactivated Evernote business account associated with this email address. The Evernote business account was working on an old version of Evernote that we no longer support, and will be removed from our systems soon.

This email is to inform you that we will be deleting all the accounts related to the said business and their associated data from our servers on 10th September 2023. This implies that after 10th of September 2023, you will not be able to access any of these accounts or the data inside them.

If you do not need the data stored in your deactivated Evernote business account, no further action is required from your side."

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There is a change in the Business/Teams plan dating back to the year 2017 (!) that may be related to this issue:

There has been an old version of „Teams“ / old name „Business“. It used one account per user, and the user could split it into personal and professional notebooks. This version has been phased out and replaced by a new structure. There all users are in a business account - all data in this account is shared and controlled by the Business / Teams Admin. In addition each user gets an independent Personal account for free, for his own use.

The reason is that the old accounts gave massive problems when somebody left the company. To whom belonged which data ?

New accounts were only opened using the new structure. But old accounts could not be converted automatically. Each user had a hodgepodge of business and personal data - it was necessary that this was migrated in a controlled, orderly manner. Owners of the old accounts have been asked to convert their structure, several times, since 2017.

So either your admin (or who is registered) didn’t get the communication, or it was decided to ignore them.

Here we go, there you are: A deadline, and you guys are confused. You need to get through to support, to sort this out. Don’t take it easy - there were 6 years to migrate, so you better hurry. If the desktop links do not work, try mobile. A link is as well at the end of this help article, explaining the differences:


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@jcrum116 I checked your account and while it is indeed active, I found another account with your same domain that is connected to an old legacy business account that is not active (last updated 8 years ago). So you appear to have received that email correctly, but probably completely forgot that this old legacy business account even exists. 

We are removing very old deactivated businesses that have been deactivated for many years at this point. It would be a decent amount of engineering effort to try to update all these accounts which are likely never going to be reactivated. But we wanted to make sure and sent out the email to let users decide if they want to take any action.

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