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Installing EN v10 on new win10 desktop

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A bit confused about this.  Today I installed win 10 on a brand new computer and then downloaded EN onto it.  Within a few minutes I saw every notebook and all the notes in the notebooks.  I even looked at pdf's, word docs, spreadsheets etc to make sure that I wasn't just looking at thumbnail images.  How could this info have populated so quickly?  Or was I looking at information that was being transmitted instantaneously from the EN servers?  My understanding in the past was that it took many hours of constant downloading to get all of that information over (about 10,000 notes).  Just to be on the safe side I left EN on active focus overnight.

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The download process to allow you to access ALL your notes offline can take sometime depending upon the size of your account.

However, the thumbnails and summaries download fairly speedily.  You can access any note by opening it and it will sync to your device ahead of what is going on in the background.


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It was remarkably speedy.  Within 3 minutes of downloading En onto the new hard drive I had full utilization of the program with every note and attachment available.  I do, however, want to have the actual data downloaded to the computer because it makes me feel that I have a safe local storage of all the information just in case something happens to the EN servers.  Also, I tend to export all my notes every so often to google drive using the export feature.  Since it's impossible that everything downloaded within those few minutes how do I know when I can start exporting entire notebooks to my Gdrive?  In other words, does the actual data load locally over time?  This is not a computer that I would ever use "offline" but I still like to have all the attachment data in the local machine.

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As long as one, many or all notes are not synced to local storage, EN10-app on Windows acts like the Web version - every note you need, is token from server. You may recognize that a first display of a note is a slice slower that later displayes that work on local data... And as long as the local database is not complete, search functions use a server data. 👍 This gives you the imagination of nearly no download (sync) time...

But there is no indicator available that flags "sync-completely-done". So if you disconnect from internet before this is done for all notes, you will find that some notes are missed and searches are incomplete ☹

I haven't tried so export notebooks that seem to be available (but are incomplete in fact). Maybe (hopefully) an export acts like a display and loads every needed note step by step in the background. If EN works this manner, an export will be slow (may need hours or days) the first time - but should be complete... Interresting question 😉


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