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Evernote Gmail Addon from Google Workspace Marketplace is not secure enough

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Hi Evernote,

When I try to make use of the Evernote Gmail Addon I get the following error from Google:

Access blocked: Evernote is not approved by Advanced Protection

Please can you certify your product to work in Advanced Protection environment.

It is critical for our corporate security alongside using Evernote.


Thank you very much

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A quick search of Google's help pages says...



Most non-Google apps and services are blocked

Advanced Protection stops most non-Google apps and services from accessing data like your Google Drive and Gmail data. That way, your data is better protected against harmful or unsecure access.

After you turn on Advanced Protection, you can allow these apps and services to access your Google data:

All Google apps and services

Apple Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps on iOS and macOS

Mozilla Thunderbird

Desktop email clients that access Gmail directly


It appears that Google Advanced Protection does not play well with others.

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