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Fate of Local Notebooks if I leave Evernote

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Maybe I am being a bit dimwitted but...if I do not subscribe at the much higher cost and simply drop Evernote, will my Evernote app open the Local Notebooks I have created? I have years of notes, clippings and such that I do not want to lose. Do I need an older version of the Evernote app...one that can access and open Local Notebooks even after I sever my ties to Evernote?

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Local Notebooks; notes are only stored offline on the device - there is no sync to the cloud or other devices
Local Notebooks are only supported by the Evernote Legacy product   
This feature was dropped with the v10 product

>if I leave Evernote … sever my ties to Evernote?

You will not be able to access your Evernote data   
You need to export your data

An alternative is to convert your account to the basic free tier 

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Is there a repository of legacy Evernote apps anywhere?!

I thought of moving everything over to Apple's Notes app but I have nearly 18,000 items in Evernote (and before doing a major house cleaning of notes going back to 2008, I was headed toward 100K items), but that makes a mess of the Notes app.


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Hi.  Have you upgraded to v10 already?  As already noted,  Local Notebooks are not supported in the new app so there's an option to convert them to normal synced notes.  If you took that option,  your notes will remain available to you in the Free version - subject to the limitations of that version.

If you elected not to convert these notes,  then they will have been 'orphaned' in the old database on your device,  and you will need to keep, or reinstall, the Legacy app to manage them.  You would be able to export your notes to HTML format to create a kind of local website from them.

Beware that pre-v10 apps are no longer supported and may be affected by future OS and browser changes on the host device. They are also a security risk as there will be no further updates or added protections if any vulnerabilities are found.

If you search your hard drive you may have an old installer left from your 7.14 version - hang on to that,  because it's getting much harder to find official downloads of that version!

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My thanks to gazumped for setting me straight. As it turns out, I located the Legacy app link in one of the discussions here. Downloaded it and immediately discovered what I should have known. The .enex files I prepared to save information (if I were to end my subscription with Evernote/Bending Spoons) are much too large to import into the Legacy app. I had also exported many of my notes to HTML format (except for one very large notebook containing 13,417 clippings). The latter is so large Evernote fails when trying to generate the HTML version. And even though I chunked it into 7 smaller .enex pieces, Evernote doesn't seem able to accept my attempts to then import them back in (so I could then turn around and generate HTML versions of those chunks). I seem to be driving the Evernote server nuts!

If I assumed what an hour of my time was worth before retirement, the cost of the hours I have spent "saving" my Evernote clippings greatly exceeds the 70% increase in the cost of a year's Evernote subscription. I should have simply left well enough alone and prepared to shell out $70 more than last year...with the hope that Bending Spoons' handling of Evernote goes well.

And just now Evernote is telling me "Something went wrong on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote". [sigh]

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Legacy is deprecated, unsupported - why it won’t import a larger ENEX file is everybodies guess.

Could be a computer issue (RAM, network, …). Did you try the import when taking the PC offline first ? Maybe it chokes on the sync, not on the plain import.

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The brute force method is to switch off WiFi, and pull the LAN cord. Once it’s airgapped, it’s offline.

On a Mac I would promote to get the little helper app TripMode. It allows to define per app which is taken offline, and which can access the internet. Maybe the Windows firewall can do a similar job.

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