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Evernote taking over 2 minutes to load on 2017 Fusion Drive iMac

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Evernote app on my iMac taking forever to load.  2 minutes and longer before it appears.  My husband has an M1 iMac and his Evernote loads in like 3 seconds.  Also the screen capture feature is suddenly not capturing notes.  It does work on his machine.  Any thoughts?

Running Ventura and Evernote 10.59.5-mac-ddl-public (5236)
Editor: v174.13.3
Service: v1.70.3
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There appear to be some issues with 10.59 for some users...  you could try a full uninstall/ reinstall - 

Sign out of Evernote (removing database) / uninstall app with Appcleaner / restart device / download from Evernote.com / reinstall / sign back in

v10.60 should be available soon which may also help.

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