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Notes unable to connect with Evernote servers

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As Evernote seems to have no support team anymore (I have opened support tickets about the issue, but people who works there now seem to have no clue how Evernote works; maybe I should have asked about Remini or other BS app...), I am trying to investigate by myself why I am unable to create notes and notebooks, delete notes etc using Evernote (web, iPhone and Window, all of them updated).

Using the "note status" feature I have noticed all my notes are trying unsuccessfully to connect with Evernote servers. I've recorded a video of what seems to be the problem (video 1). 


Maybe some Evernote servers are down since a few days ago.

I have created a new free Evernote account to do some testing. The notes status in this new account is completely fine (video 2).



It seems that the issue in occurring on server side.

I am reporting it here just to show how bad Evernote has become under BS. I have little hope that @Federico Simionato and his team will be able to fix this huge mess.

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Accounts are running on individual virtual servers, AFAIK. I am not aware of a method to check if the „own“ server is up and running.

Usually there should be a failover secondary server, that kicks in when the primary is down.

That‘s pretty much what I learned about the hosting over time. You need support to solve this individual problem.

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With all respect, if possible: I know there are some fanboys like you, @agsteele, here in this forum. I appreciate your effort trying to help the community, but sometimes this "everything's fine" posture while everybody seems to be heaving issues is really awkward. Of course EN has support, a polite one, but it is super slow and generally doesn't help.

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Reaction time is for me between a couple of hours up to a working day. I would appreciate if chat would be working, but I accept that currently they need to take decisions about how to organize the shortest wait for everybody.

If the support clerk can help depends on several factors - one of them being the fact if there is a solution available at all. But that's not the fault of support if there isn't.

Sometimes they ask a lot of questions - but OK, if you want to run a knowledge base, you need to fill in criteria to be able to filter requests down efficiently. So one habit to speed support requests up is to provide them with basic information yourself, right on first contact. It saves at least 1 loop in the process.

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