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On desktop: Open one of the notes in a new window. Pick up the pdf in one note with the mouse, move it and drop it.

On my Mac this works best when I click on the grey title header and first move the mouse only a little. After a moment the attachment shows as a little EN icon, attached to the mouse pointer. Then it can be moved and dropped.

The Web Clipper can’t add to an existing note. You can move content over as described above. You can as well first clip, creating several notes. Then select the notes and merge them.

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Thanks for the advise. When I do this on my Mac as you described it, I see the little EN icon, but when I try to drop the PDF on a note in the sidebar, I see this:  "Drop files to create a note with attachments". When I drop the PDF, it does exactly what it says: It creates a new note with my PDF as an attachment. 

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