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Forwarding a Gmail to Evernote with notebook and tags included

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I've had a hard time figuring out how exactly to do this.  On the Evernote help section it implies that you can use @ and # respectively to send your email to the proper notebook and tag.  Here is their example: Email Subject: Hotel Reservation @travel planning #japan   (this would have the title Hotel Reservation and would go into the "travel planning" notebook with a tag "japan".  It does not seem to work for me.  

In the subject line I put Testing123 @work#ah

The email is then forwarded to EN and here is what I see:


I've tried it multiple ways ie: I've put in a space between @ and "work", or I've eliminated the space between 123 and @work but I never see the email being forwarded to the correct notebook.  On the other hand, the tags always work correctly.  Why is every email going to "Inbox" instead of the notebook that I'm trying to demarcate?  Thanks in advance,





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