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Images does not showup in Evernote web, notes beomes corrupted

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Sometimes I will copy and paste images from Youtube, websites for study purposes.

Below I have copied and pasted screenshoots from Youtube.



It happens sometimes when I jumped out from the note to other notes and then come back to continue


This is frustrating as there seems to be no way to recover the images.


Anyone having these issues? Any workaround?


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Hi.  Have you tried using the 'share' link from YouTube or the Evernote Clipper to capture the thumbnail?  Are these literally JPG files from your screen shots that are not displaying?  More description please!

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I am using a software known as Spectacle, it is a Linux snipping software (similiar to Microsoft 'Snipping Tool'). 

Lets say, there a tutorial on coding, I will take screenshoots of the codes and important points highlighted
by the Youtuber.  Normally for a 15 mins video, I will take at least 10 to 15 screenshoots.

When I am snipping and pasting, I can actually see the images that I pasted into Evernote web. But when I jump out
of the note and come back later, I will see the images replaced with rotating circles. 

This workflow is faster compared to Evernote Clipper. The Clipper tool will produce individual notes for each
clip. This wastes time as I need to merge them back again.  Also for some reason, the resolution is not that

Thanks in advance!


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Evernote Clipper has a new 'multi select' option which may help you.  I've not heard of Spectacle before,  but how and why copying website details into Evernote from their extension doesn't work - you'd have to ask their support!

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