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"Read Only" Notes [Solved]

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I found that some of my notes are in "Read Only" Mode. 

My EN is 10.59.5-mac-mas-public.

I checked this was an very old bugs in 2021 10.12.  But why this still in my EN?  

May I know how to unlock these notes? 



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  • Evernote Expert

Thanks. In that case I would recommend that first try to rebuild your data. File, Sign Out, Remove Data then log back in.

If that doesn't work you may find that using the direct download of the software from evernote.com/download might work better. Otherwise open a support ticket.

Some users are experiencing issues with version 10.59.5 of the app. So you could wait until the next release due early next week.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I found one of the reasons for my notes.

The notes are built by EN Sketch.  Don't know why the right of the note were keep by Sketch but not my EN account.

I re-installed Sketch and removed the notes within Sketch.

It is a very stupid bug I think.  Even Sketch (the build-in editor) itself also a joke in EN.  macOS Preview is much better than it.

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  • romelden changed the title to "Read Only" Notes [Solved]
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You mean „Sketch“ (which is a graphical editor build right into EN) or you mean „Skitch“ (a standalone app provided by EN) ?

If you mean Skitch and write Sketch, your posting is misleading, and answers will help nobody, including yourself.

Skitch is free, sort of aged, and if you don’t like it, don’t use it,

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