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View tags as a cloud where most used are largest



I would like to view tags as one of those clouds where the word size changes based on frequency of use...

Also the ability to sort them alphabet or by frequency of use. 

I have a lot of tags... some i use infrequently are at the top of the list to choose from so I have to scroll a lot. 

I can't always remember what tags I have made & use. 

I have ADHD & memory issues. This would make Evernote easier. 

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3 hours ago, Imajenn said:


Also the ability to sort them alphabet or by frequency of use

You can already do this. Press tags In the sidebar to get the full tags menu. Then use the three dots menu at the top right to sort alphabetically or by count. Sorting by count removes the hierarchy from the view  as well, which in my opinion makes it much more useful than the desktop equivalent.

Unfortunately, on Android, I don't think you can assign tags from this screen, but you can certainly filter. On desktop or web you can assign tags from this view.

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