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Last word or single character keeps being deleted

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I have noticed this week that the last word entered in a note has been deleted when going back in to the note.  This can be a whole word or a single standalone alpha, numeric or special character. 

Having experimented today, if you add a carriage return then the last part of the entry is saved.  This was never the case.

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled but that hasn't sorted it.  It is very annoying and is a problem solely with the mobile app for Samsung and not the desktop for Windows.

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It's a Galaxy A51 5G running Android v11 and Evernote 10.52.2.  I have had the phone almost 2 years and have never had this problem before.  It certainly isn't an issue with the desktop and the only working solution is to put a carriage return in at the end of the last entry and then delete the carriage return.

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Evernote and the common Google Gboard soft keyboard does have problems like this.

With Gboard trying a different keyboard can resolve things.

So trying a different keyboard might assist.

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I had this problem, too (for example Galaxy A53 5G, Android 13, EN 10.52.2) and reported it to support. Second level never got back on the ticket. But now with the new EN 10.53 I cannot reproduce the bug anymore. Could be solved in the update 🙂 . Can anyone confirm with the new EN 10.53 update?

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