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Collapsible sections in notes and dynamically linked content



Overview in notes would greatly benefit from having collapsible sections where you can expand / collapse part(s) of the note. 

Example use cases in notes:

  • Shorter summary text or title, with collapsed details below.
  • An image, with a collapsed section below for more detailed content, whether images and/or text.
  • A list, with a collapsed more detailed sub-list, text or image(s).

The collapsed content could be within the note itself, or perhaps dynamically linked content from another note. This could enable structuring notes in a hierarchical way.

I'm imagining a neat graphical horizontal arrow-marker, that when clicked changes direction downwards and displays the collapsed section. Perhaps with a stretchable box with scroll bars so that one can decide how much visual space the expanded box should take.


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Yeah there is a notion of fixing problems however, if features are not able to be implemented to support growing use-cases then retention will lower and also incoming customer-base will decrease too. Which is counter-intuitive to the goals of any business really.

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