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How do I get to know the size of my whole Evernote database?

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I have been a longtime paid Evernote subscriber. Right now, due to some payment issues, I am stuck with the free version of Evernote and using it on the web.


I would like to be able to know the total size of all my notes together, i.e, of my entire Evernote database/repository. Is there a way to do this? I see some answers saying how to do this on Mac or Windows, but I think even that interface is gone with the new EN updates. I have no idea how I can find out the total size of all my notes.




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Hi.  Not being cheeky,  but why?  If you have the app installed on local storage you'll be taking up some space,  but there's a setting not to store data locally which means you'll have a temporary file of current notes only while the app is open.  You can't then work offline.

If you do store locally,  Windows files will be at C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\Evernote although from version 10.59 onwards you can relocate that store if necessary.  Viewing file on the web app is similar - it downloads a local copy of your searches and edits while the app is open.

If you're looking to extract your files,  you need to export each notebook to an ENEX file,  so again total size (unless it's all one big notebook) is academic.

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Hi gazumped,

thanks for your response.

So, let's just say if I wanted to know for academic reasons, how could I find that out?

I would like to know the total size that all of my data is consuming in a cloud somewhere. Would love to know how to do that. After all, its is my own data.


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Just a few of your options:

You check the size of the local database on a desktop, after a full download.

You make a full offline download to a mobile device, and check the app data.

You export everything to ENEX, put them all into a folder and look up the folder size.

Don’t like any of them ? Ask support.

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1 hour ago, ag14 said:

After all, its is my own data.

Absolutely agree - as does Evernote. As my pachydramatical* friend kinda points out,  the easiest way may be to open Evernote on a desktop if you can (free users have those darn device limits to avoid...) and then go to the Notebooks page and export each notebook to a separate ENEX file.  That will show you "a" file size,  although how much space the data occupies on the server may be different.  If it's any help I now have a little over 62000 notes and my database (in Legacy) is currently 29GB.

According to my hazy maths that means my average database size per note is about 40K - because I have pictures / PDFs / web pages and all sorts of stuff saved in there.  Your mileage (as they say) may vary...  

*(c) me

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