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Which is a good source to download older versions of evernote

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The latest version of evernote got downloaded automatically.

And after some time when I tried to open it, the screen was blank white. I tried uninstalling and installing it again and still the same problem was there. The screen was always blank when I opened the Evernote app.

I tried downloading an older version of Evernote from Uptodown. I had downloaded an older version from Uptodown once before and it was quite fine. But after the autoupdate the screen began going blank whenever I opened Evernote app. But this time when I used the same apk file to install Evernote and when I tried to login after putting my password I was asked to put 6 digit code sent on my mobile. But I got a 10 digit code from some unknown source on my mobile number. I copied the 10 digit code and pasted it in the six digit code requirement. Only the first six digits got pasted and I got a message wrong code. So I again tried to login and this time again I received a 10 digit code on my mobile number from the same unknown source. And at that time my messages app flashed spam detected. I got scared and I uninstalled the Evernote app quickly.

So, I wanted to know which is a good trustable source to download older version of the Evernote app. 


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Hi.  I'd recommend you use something like Revo uninstaller free to clean your system of any Evernote files,  then power your device off and on again and re-dowload the latest app from Evernote,com.  There are no other posts about blanked screens,  so what you have is probably a corrupted install,  complicated by whatever else you may have downloaded when trying to fix it.  Revo will completely remove any and all Evernote files independently of your operating system and give you a new start.

(Revo is a Windows and Android app - Appcleaner is a MacOS alternative)

I don't know of any trustable third-party archives for older versions,  and Evernote themselves suggest that stepping back is not a good idea in any situation.

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@gazumped @agsteele Thanks for your replies. @gazumped I have uninstalled the Evernote app using Revo Uninstaller. The app worked well for around a day before also and then used to go blank. I will check for a day if the screen doesn't go blank now after uninstalling it with Revo uninstaller and let you know. Thanks.

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@gazumped After uninstalling the Evernote app with Revo Uninstaller, and installing it again. The app worked well for 2 day and again it has gone blank. I had an older version of Evernote apk in my mobile which I have installed. Should that work because I think the problem of my screen going blank is due to the updated latest version. 

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@agsteele Thanks for your advice. But I need the applock. I have installed an older version of Evernote which was downloaded in my mobile from Evernote in playstore before the update. And now it seems to be working well now. I have also put autoupdates off in playstore. Only problem is that when sharing files to Evernote message cones that "Files permission required" and the file does not get shared into Evernote. This problem has been solved in the latest version of Evernote in which I could share files into Evernote. Buy since the screen becomes blank on my mobile in this update, I can't go for this update. Thanks. 

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For me, the broken share was a far more significant issue than the Passcode. I don't consider that the Passcode provides any significant protection. YMMV

Keep watching for the Passcode. We're told that immediately the Passcode will be disabled. Then it will be restored when a fix is identified.

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