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How to save pdf file from within Adobe Reader



The "Save PDF to Evernote" under the standard Print menu works great for most applications. However, the one place it doesn't work is from within the Adobe Reader application. In other words, if you're using an application like Keynote or PowerPoint, you can save a PDF version of your document by using the Print/PDF/Save PDF to Evernote function - this is seamless and works flawlessly. However, if the document is ALREADY a PDF, and you're viewing the PDF document from within the Adobe Reader, when you try to use the Print/PDF/Save PDF to Evernote function, you get an error message from Adobe that says "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported . Instead, choose File > Save."

Is there an easy way to get the file from Adobe Reader directly into Evernote? I really don't want to have to save the PDF from within Adobe Reader and then drag/drop (or equivalent) to get the file into Evernote.

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