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Offline Notebooks Synchronization Speeds

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My offline notebooks on iOS totalled 23.75GB in size across slightly more than 16k notes.

Recently, the app started behaving, oddly: slowly, and almost erratically. I decided last night that I would remove the app and data, and re-synchronize all of the notebooks to be offline again.

I started the process of reinstalling Evernote and making everything available offline at 7 PM yesterday.  Previously, such an endeavor would take several days at a minimum, often at least a week, and involve much tension and anger.

Imagine my surprise and delight, seeing that everything was available offline as of 5:30am today!

Whatever has been done to repair the insanely,  unacceptably atrocitiously slow synchronization of offline notebooks - and notes - that team deserves medals and pay raises!

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Yes, it is way better now than it used to be.

Plus there are these nice little indicators, showing per note how the download status really is. So when you are in a hurry to shut down, but know you need the offline download, you can actually see when everything is saved locally.

This goes (just to mention it) far beyond what’s possible on the desktop client - a client often installed on notebooks that are as mobile as the typical „mobile“ devices. There it is not obvious if the download to the local database is already done.

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