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Evernote unable to open on Mac

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I use a 2020 MacBook Air running MacOS Venture 13.4.1.

I recently did a completely new install of my Mac and then wanted to install Evernote again. But Evernote now won't open for me no matter how many times I try.

First I downloaded it directly from the website, but to no avail. Then I tried the Mac App Store version and the same problem: it won't open. 

When I open Evernote now, I see the Evernote icon and then a round green spinning. Then after about 4-5 minutes of this, the screen just turns white and it remains this way until I quit the app. Exactly the same happens if I then open it again.

I have about 3000 notes in Evernote, so I need to be able to get into Evernote.

Can anyone please help me? Please see the attached photos.

Skærmbillede 2023-07-11 kl. 00.11.24.png

Skærmbillede 2023-07-11 kl. 00.13.30.png

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How did you do the new install ? From a backup, as a new Mac ?

You should use the app AppCleaner to remove all parts of EN from your drive. Restart the Mac, then download again from the website.

If on a Free account there may be an issue with the device limit. If the Mac was installed fresh, it may be EN treats it as a new device, even if it is physically still the same machine.

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@Jon/t Thank you for your reply. I actually need the Mac app itself, as I want to export all those notes in Evernote to my Mac. I believe doing that through the app on a Mac is the fastest way

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@PinkElephant Thank you for your reply. I completely wiped the Mac and installed MacOS Ventura from scratch. 

Then I downloaded first the web version and then the Mac App Store but both failed to launch. 

I use the CleanMyMac app religiously, so it would have removed any residue from the first installation. I don’t recall if I did do so between installations though. 


If on a Free account there may be an issue with the device limit. If the Mac was installed fresh, it may be EN treats it as a new device, even if it is physically still the same machine.

hmm yes that might be the case. How do I change that? I’m on the free tier so this might be the issue. Although it’s strange it wouldn’t tell me so. 

As I replied earlier, my only use case for now for Evernote is to export all the notes in there to my Mac, some 3000. 

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You need a working device, and go to your account page there. On the devices tab you see which clients are registered.

Not sure about it, but I think direct install and AppStore install already counts as 2 devices.

So does the web client, even when used on the same physical machine.

You only have 2 unsyncs per 30 days either.

So it may be with all the movement between clients, your possibilities to solve this on Free are already exhausted.

But as said above, first check your devices.

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@PinkElephant that worked!

First I went to the web app and removed all units. Then I uninstalled Evernote on my Mac with CleanMyMac. Then I installed web version again and now it works!


Any good tips on how to the best way to export my some 2500 notes in Evernote to the Finder on my Mac?

I have PDFs, word documents inside of individual notes, where I will also need the text on those individual notes.

Any thoughts?

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There are 3 export options: ENEX, HTML-single note, HTML-group.

It depends on what you want to do with the export later.

ENEX will import into most other apps.

HTML can be opened in every browser. HTML-single keeps each note and its attachments separate, HTML-group keeps all notes in the group together. Both HTML can be opened in any browser (however the last time I checked the links from the HTML text to the attachments didn't work).

There is pdf export as well, but it exports the notes only, and the attachments only as a graphical element, not as a working copy. So I wouldn't use PDF as export option.

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Okay thank you @PinkElephant Sounds like html is the way to go. For now I just want the attachments, usually PDFs or images or Word documents. And then if there is important text in the actual note, I’ll get that as well. I’m just looking to go back to a nested folder system on my Mac. I have also considered using DEVONThink, as a kind of Archive and to put the documents in there 

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