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Windows app can't access notes

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I'm currently on a free account. The only two devices authorized are the Android app and the Windows app that I just installed. 


I'm logged into the Windows 10 app but I can't see my notes or do anything. I'm presented with a big white screen with File, Edit, View etc on the top. If I go into each top menu choice I can barely select anything. For example if I click on File, the only submenu choice I can select is Quit. I cant even select Sign Out. 

Any idea why I cant access anything on the Win10 app? Again, the only two authorized devices are my phone and laptop. 




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It may be that your database has become corrupted. That's a very odd-looking screen. The best bet would probably be a complete uninstall of Evernote (Revo Uninstaller is recommended as being more thorough than Windows uninstaller) and then reinstalling. It will take a little time for your notes to download.

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